Monday, January 14, 2013

Robin van Persie Profile

Profile player today at Soccer is Robin van Persie.

Robin van Persie is astriker who is now defending the Dutch national team club FA Premier League is Arsenal Gunners.

The attacker plays the body 183 cm, has scored a sharp instinct that made him respected by the opponents defenders.

Striker southpaw whose full name is Robin van Persie, the initial start his football career with the club Excelsior. 

Players born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, August 6, 1983 is always a place in the national team Dutch FA, Van Persie helped defend the Orange team at the 2006 World Cup, Euro 2008 and 2010 World Cups.

However, the 2010 World Cup,the Dutch failed to become champion after defeat by Spain in the Final Party.

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