Wednesday, January 23, 2013

FIFA Player of the Year - It’s Messi Again (review)

lionel messiIt is once again Lionel Messi. We are talking about the FIFA player of the year award. 
It was not surprising that The Soccer God would be nominated the best player of the world this year also. 

Had it been otherwise, the soccer lover would have gotten a nasty shock.

The soccer / football critics had predicted this. The contenders had predicted this. The entire soccer world had predicted this. The fans had ensured this. 

They cheered without constrain. They made sure that their soccer idol once again stands tall among all the dazzling personalities of the soccer universe.

Everyone, who is familiar with the game called soccer or football, knows that 2012 had been an incredible year for Messi. With 91 goals under his belt, he had not only surpassed Muller’s record, he had ensured his superiority over the other contenders once again.

Despite the controversy which initially followed forth in the last week of Dec 2012, Messi made sure that he remains where he should be – right at the top. 

Those who really know the game, and love it with their hearts, will agree that no one else but Lionel Messi deserves to win the best player of the world award this year also.

It is the fourth time he climbed the stage to collect his trophy. By receiving the award this awe striking soccer talent surpassed two other legends from the past. 

One of them is none other than Zinedine Zidane of France. The world of soccer still bows down before this talent with respect in spite of the controversy in the last match of his life. 

Another player whom Messi has beaten is Ronaldo of Brazil. Whoever can forget his vigorous ball following skill and amazing speed?

The hall of famers who deserve to be mentioned as three times winner are France’s Michel Platini, Holland’s Johan Cruyff and Marco van Basten. None of the names are unfamiliar to any soccer lover.

If you think that Messi had it easy because there were no strong contenders, you are mistaken. Messi was up against Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal. These two young talents have gone through many rounds of comparisons. There is no doubt that many more rounds are about to rise in the future.

This Portuguese star is not small name in the world of football. He had worn the mighty Man Utd jersey in the past. Later he had been transferred to Real Madrid and became a precious addition to the team within a short span of time. 

He had won the FIFA player of the year award in 2008. This year also he had been a tough challenge. Had Messi not been nominated, the choice would have been a difficult one.

However, Messi was named and Messi got 41.60 percent votes, while Ronaldo received 23.68 percent votes. Another contender of the award had been the fellow Barcelona team mate Andres Iniesta, who ended up receiving 10.91 which was not enough to take home the glory.         

Messi totally dominated the award night. Everyone else faded into oblivion and only the smiling face of the 25 year old soccer wonder remained. 

Everyone must have gone home with the same thought , yet another year has begun, what Messi will do next?